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My hobby
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My Hobby. Hi! I’m Amina. Hobby is in my understanding the favorite thing that we do in our free time. In general, I have little free time because I help my mother with the housework , there are a lot of household affairs in the village. Then after lunch I’ll go to school. And after classes when I come home I immediately do my homework, and when there is time I love to do knitting. It gives me great pleasure. Mom taught me that. I can say that my Hobby knitting. When I knit socks for myself and other family members, I morally rest. Another hobby of mine is reading. I love to read Kazakh folk tales about people. It is very interesting. According to the teacher of the Kazakh literature, reading fairy tales develops a person’s worldview. When you read different books logic increases, memory develops. In the future I plan to read the works of the writer Mukhtar Auezov the novel “The Way of Abai”.

My Hobby

Hello! My name is Diana.I student of the 6th grade. My hobby is preparing a different goodies. For example, I am good at making a cake. This is a very interesting thing. Hobby is a favorite thing that a person does with pleasure. When I cooked the first time I have an ugly cake. Then it turned out better. Sometimes mom helps me. When we cook with mom, it develops marital relationships. I also like to do makeup. And I think all girls love makeup and beauty. When I grow up I want to become a makeup designer. In my opinion all people should do what they love and everything will be fine and beautiful in our land. Because the hobby is a business that a person rests when doing this business

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1Товошарова Амина6My hobby№53 Ю.ГагаринУмирбекова Лаззат8 707 592 28 43
2Сұлтан Диана6My hobby№53 Ю.ГагаринУмирбекова Лаззат8 707 592 28 43

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