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The best places to visit in Kazakhstan
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Материалды ашып қарау
1 Long term plan unit:School:
DateTeacher name:
Grade: 7Number present:Absent:
Theme of the lesson: The best places to visit in Kazakhstan
Learning objectives (s) that this lesson is contributing to

7.R 1 Understand the main points in texts on a limited range of unfamiliar general and curricular topics.7.S3 gives an opinion at discourse level on a growing range of general and curricular topics.7.C 3 respect differing points of view.
Lesson objectives All learners will be able to ;
  • Identify main points in text on the places to visit in Kazakhstan and use new words to describe their city with lots of support
  • Answer the question with their own idea with lots of support
  • Most learners will be able to:
  • - Identify main points in text on the places to visit in Kazakhstan and use new words to describe their city with some support
  • Answer the question with their own idea with some support
  • Some learners will be able to:
  • - Identify main points in text on the places to visit in Kazakhstan and use new words to describe their city without any support
  • Answer the question with their own idea without any support

  • Assessment criteria

    - Identify the main idea of text on unfamiliar and curricular topics . -Provide a point of view in conversation and discussions.- Demonstrative respect the people’s opinions using lexical units of topic vocabulary .
    Value linksNational unity peace , harmony in our society.
    Cross curricular linksGeography ,History.
    ICT skillslearners develop their ICT skills across the curriculum by finding, creating and manipulating information, collaborating and communicating information and ideas, evaluating and then refining their work, and by using a wide range of equipment and applications;

    Previous learningGathering information about festivals in Kazakhstan and around the world (Food and drink)
    TimePlanned activitiesResources
  • Organization moment: Greeting
  • Forming in to three groups.Strategy “ MosaicI’ll give you a piece of papers with words and you should connect these pieces and make up one word.The first group is ASTANAThe second group is ALMATYThe third group is SHYMKENT

    Strategy “ Moving questions”Look at the pictures and answer the questions.
  • What is it?
  • What are going to speak about?
  • How do you think what is the theme of our lesson?
  • AFL: Gallery →nomination “Best work”.

    Pieces of papers

    Middle30 min

    Pupils guessed about the theme. As you guessed today we’ll talk about our country and the best places to visit in Kazakhstan. Strategy “Regrouping [Students are divided into three groups with the help of cards of popular cities of Kazakhstan. Each of them take one card and find another from the famous cities . At the end they should form 3 groups, ‘Almaty’ ‘Astana’ ‘Shymkent’.

    I group -“ Astana” <Object: word/embeddings/oleObject1.bin> II group – “Almaty” III group – “Shymkent I Strategy “ Think with me Task. Answer the questions using internet resources. Each group describe your city. (Group work).Less able students answer the questions.More able students give full description of the city.
  • Where is this city situated?
  • What is this city famous for?
  • What places do you like to visit in this city?
  • Why do you recommend visiting this city?
  • Descriptor:1. Answers the questions using internet; 2. Give the description of the city. Assessment Each group evaluates an other group using 2 stars and I wish.Acquired skills (Bloom’s taxonomy): understanding, researching, presenting.(Students guessed what they have just done).Strategy “ Read to me ” II Task. Read the text attentively.Group “Astana”Find out in the text the sightseeing of Astana. Name them. Astana is the capital city of our country. It is beautiful and young. There are many sightseeing in Astana. Ak Orda is the residence of our president. He works and lives in Ak Orda.Duman is the biggest oceanarium in the Central Asia. There are many different kinds of fish there. Baiterek is an observation tower in Astana. It is 105 meters tall. On the top level there is a handprint of the right hand of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the first President of the Independent republic of Kazakhstan.Group “Almaty”Make up 10 questions about the text. Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan from 1929 to 1997. Now it is big commercial and cultural center of country. There are a lot of sightseeing in Almaty. Medeu is located in mountain. It is the highest skating rink in the world. Kok-Tobe mountain. It has a variety of amusement park. There is also 372 meters tall TV Tower. There is also a ski resort in Almaty- Shymbulak. It is elevated 2200 meters above sea level. Group “ShymkentMake an advertisement using pictures and sentences from the text. Shymkent Shymkent-the third largest city in Kazakhstan. There are many anciant cities. Tukestan historical region of central Asia. This city is 1500 years old. It was Khodja Ahmed Yasawi, the poet and Sufi. This place is worshiped by the Muslim community of Kazakhstan and Central Asian Countries. Arystan Bab Mausoleum it situeted in Sairam. Arystan Bab was a mentor of Khodja Ahmed Yasawi, and his teacher.

    Descriptors: 1. Discuss the text, find out and name the best places to visit in Astana.2. Analyze the text make up ten questions about the text.3. Analyze the text and make up advertisement using pictures and sentences from the text . Teacher assesses by giving smiles .Regrouping. Take parts of the pictures and form pairs. Strategy Think, share ,opinionTask IIIWork in a pair. Take turns in asking and answering the questions below.Learner A:Do you like to travel with your mother? Why or why not?Do you prefer summer vacations or winter vacations? Why?Do you prefer to travel alone or in a group? Why?Do you prefer to travel by train, bus or ship?Learner B:Do you prefer traveling by car or by plane? Why?Have you ever been to a foreign country? What?What countries would you like to visit? Why?Could you live in another country for the rest of your life?Descriptorproduces full utterances based on his/her own experience. Assessment Peer assessment .Pair exchanges their work and checks them with right answers on the board.
    Cards of three cities


    Active board

    Flipchart, markers, glue, different color papers

    Pictures, Internet resources
    .End 5m

    FeedbackI have known to use ……I want to know more ……I don’t understand ………

    Additional information
    Differentiation – how do youplan to give more support?How do you plan tochallenge the more ablelearners?Assessment – how are you planning to check learners’learning?Health and safety check ICT links
  • I will show pupils some words by gestures in order to support their understanding of spoken language.
  • Less able students – greatersupport by means of prompts,visuals or writing difficult words on the cards.More able students –independent work on definitetasks with little/no support.EnvoysEach group researches a topic. Here they are informed about everything which their original group has learnt.
    AFL: number speak - questioningAFL: Gallery →nomination “Best work”.AFL – “Teacher and Expert Envoy”AFL – GalleryEvaluation tree

    Ensure proper ventilation

    Check sockets’ safety
    ReflectionWere the lesson objectives/learning objectives realistic? Did the learners achieve the LO? If not, why?Did my planned differentiation work well? Did I stick to timings?What changes did I make from my plan and why?

    Summary evaluationWhat two things went really well (consider both teaching and learning)?

    1:2:What two things would have improved the lesson (consider both teaching and learning)?1:

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