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Travel equipment
Материал жайлы қысқаша түсінік: ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімдеріне
Материалды ашып қарау
Short term plan
Long-term plan: Unit 6 Holidays and travel

School : Y.Altynsarin secondary school
Date: 04.02.2020Teacher name: Kanzhan Ardak
Grade: 6Number present:absent:
Lesson title: Travel equipment
Learning objectives6.1.2.1 use speaking and listening skills to provide sensitive feedback to peers6.2.5.1 understand most specific information and detail of supported, extended talk on a range general and curricular topics recognize the opinion of the speaker(s) in supported extended talk on a limited range of general and curricular topics6.3.7.1 use appropriate subject-specific vocabulary and syntax to talk about a limited range of general topics, and some curricular topics6.5.4.1 write with some support topics with some paragraphs to give basic personal information
Lesson objectives All learners will be able to
  • Identify the theme, new words and use them as the basis for discussion.
  • Demonstrate knowledge for usage of the theme Imperatives. Transfer information from the given information into a graphic organizer.
  • Most learners will be able to
  • Select, compile, and synthesize information for an oral presentation
  • Provide a point of view in conversations and discussions; speak about travel and holidays.
  • Some learners will be able to
  • Respond to and discuss the reading passage using interpretive, evaluative and creative thinking skills.

  • Assessment criteria1 to develop the learners’ correct pronunciation of active vocabulary 2 listen and discuss of a given exercises and questions 3 to read and write carefully and without mistake 4 understand specific information and ask information according to the travel equipment
    Value linksNational unity and peace and harmony in our society to learners to love their home and protect it.
    Cross curricular linksGeography
    ICT skills Active board for showing tasks, flashcards, pictures etc.
    Previous learningProject work(My dream school)
    Planned timingsPlanned activities Resources

    5 min


    3 min

    3 min

    5 min

    5 min

    6 min

    5 min

    4 min

    (W) Organizational momentGreeting learners. Learners discuss learning objectives. Teacher focuses learners on the main goal of the lesson.Teacher sets environmentally-friendly atmosphere within the classroom and invites students to the board. They make a circle. And start with phonetic drill:-Good morning! Good morning!-Good morning to you!-Good morning! Good morning!-I am glad to see you!Our lives are competitions. Our first president mentioned that we should be competitive in all spheres of life. Today’s lesson is the competition too. Let’s give a smile to each other and begin our lesson!

    Group-division:Let’s divide into groups. You should take sweets. And there is the name of your group written behind the sweet. Your task is to join together. There are 2 groups:1)Travel 2)Holidays

    Checking up the home task(Students were given to make a poster about dream school)

    Introduction new unitBrainstorming Learners identify the title of the lesson through pictures. Teacher asks learners to guess what the lesson will be about and elicits answers
  • When you hear the words "travel" and "holidays" what associations do you have? What can people do when they have holidays?

  • Focus on vocabulary (W) Teacher asks learners if they know any camping equipment in English. Learners look at the pictures and read through the words underneath them. Teacher helps learners deduce the meaning of any unknown words by relating them to the content of the corresponding pictures.

    Task 1Match the equipment with photos 1-12 .Listening track 2 should be played twice. Learners work individually. Check as a class. If necessary, teacher plays the track again in order to clarify any questions learners may have.

    Task 2


    Task 3Complete the sentences with the affirmative or negative imperative form of the verbs in the box. swim use forget attack make wear look Don't attack snakes or other animals.1. __in the river. There are crocodiles. (don't swim) 2. ___sunscreen every day in summer. (use) 3. ___your torch in the day. You need it to see at night. (don't forget) 4.___at the compass and find north. (look) 5.___ dinner on the stove. (make) 6. ____waterproof clothes. It's going to rain.(wear)

    Task 4 Read the clues and stick the pictures1.A small house, people sleep inside it____2.Insects don`t like this_____3.This is a very long,it helps you go up a mountain4.Use this to talk to your family5.When it rains, these help you to stay dry6.Theses protect your hands7.This hat protects your headDescriptor
  • listen CD2 task
  • match the photos with pictures
  • write the objects
  • Teacher’s oral assessment: Well done! You are super!

    Feedback:All learners will look at the clues and find the equipment words in the word search. Write the words


    4 min

    Giving the hometaskEx 6, p 68

    Reflection: ticket to ParisAt the end of the lesson, learners reflect on their learning:Teacher asks learners to stick their opinion about the lesson on the plane

    DIFFERENTIATION – how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners?Assessment – how are you planning to check learners’ learning?Health and safety check
    Differentiation by tasksTask are set according to learner’s abilitiesFor all the learners
  • find the equipment words in the word search. Write the words
  • For most learners
  • choose words in the correct columns
  • For some learners
  • make up a travel collocations
  • Differentiation by support of teacherA varying amount of support can be offer learners in variety of waysFor all learner:
  • complete the dialogue with the key words
  • For most learners:
  • make up a conversation about travelling
  • For some learners:
  • find the things that you will take for the seaside holiday
  • share with own ideas

  • Teacher’s oral assessment: Well done! You are super!Doodle it Have learners write what they understand.Peer assessment: Using pictures about equipment. Choice question to check for understanding and think-pair-share to discuss with others

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