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Our health
Материал жайлы қысқаша түсінік: Қысқа мерзімді сабақ жоспары
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Unit 5. Our health School: 4
Date: 15 January Teacher’s name: Zeinollina Ulzhan
Class: 6Number present: absent:
Theme of the Lesson:Revision
Learning objective(s) that this lesson is contributing to use imagination to express thoughts, ideas, experiences and feelings6.6.10.1 use present continuous forms with present and future meaning and past continuous forms for background and interrupted past actions on a limited range of familiar general and curricular topics6.6.13.1 use modal forms including mustn’t (prohibition) need (necessity) should (for advice) on a range of familiar general and curricular topics plan, write, edit and proofread work at text level with some support on a growing range of general and curricular topics
Lesson objectives
  • To perform the writing task at the level below average (provide ideas to the pictures organizing them as separate sentences; basic vocabulary is used and repeated)
  • To revise modal verbs and present continuous forms with present and future meaning
  • Assessment criteria
  • A learner can plan and write a story following grammar rules and
  • A learner can use modal verbs and present continuous forms correctly
  • Value links Civil responsibility, academic honesty, compassion
    Cross curricular linksBiology, Chemistry, Economy
    Previous learning Healthy body, healthy mind
    Planned timingsPlanned timings Resources


    I. Organizational moment
  • Good afternoon boys and girls!
  • How are you?
  • Who is on duty today?
  • Who is absent today?
  • What day is it today?
  • What date is it today?
  • What season is it now?

  • -GreetingLet me introduce myself Bolatova Aidana. I’m your teacher for today!II. Phonetic drill.Let's start our lesson with phonetic drill. Now, look at me please. I’ll read this poem and repeat after me.My school is your school Welcome to our school! We all can study there. You are my good friends We are your good friendsWe are all friends here.

    III. Checking up the home taskOpen the notebook, write the day and write new vocabulary.IV. Working with new vocabularya) Let`s see now what group will say better these new vocabulary. b) Let`s now try one by one to say these words, I wonder who would better say.

    PPT slides 1

    PPT Slide 2 http://iteslj.org/questions/healthylifestyle.html



    V. Teacher asks questions about healthy lifestyle
  • Do you think you have a healthy life style?
  • Is it possible to have a healthy life style in modern world?
  • Why do many people try to have a healthy life style?

  • VI. Read the title of the article and look at the pictures. What remedies might someone find at home?a) Translate and discussed this textb) What`s is the author`s opinion? c) Which remedies did you know about?

    VII. 1- group. Complete the sentences with: balanced, exercise, say, sugary, junk, take, lose.Do Try to 1) ………. every day for at least ½ hour. Have a 2)…………. diet – eating healthily can make you feel better and you may also 3)……. weight. 4)………. short breaks when you feel tired or stressed.Don`tDrink 5)……… drinks.6)………….. up late at nightEat too much 7) ………… food. 2 – group. Complete the text messages. Use: hot, sore, get, rid, drink, help, cold, better.Sorry that you`ve got a 1)…….Why not have a cup of 2)…….. tea with leamon? It`ll help you 3) ……. of it.Still got a 4)……. throat? You poor thing! Honey can 5)…….. . Add a teaspoonful to a glass of hot water and 6)……….. slowly. You`ll feel. 7)…….. right away.

    VIII. Poster with a group about healthy.

    IX. Speaking. Dialogue with friend. A: Hi, Sam. Are you OK?B: Hello, Ann. I don`t feel very well.A: What`s wrong? B: I have a terrible headacheA: Poor you! Why don`t you drink some lemon juice with warm water?

    End35-40X. Reflection “Rating window”Write in stickers your opinion about the lesson.Home work: To learn new vocabulary and exercise 8 p 55.

    Teacher`s adviser:Dyusebaeva A.MSchool teacher:Tusupkanova Zh.KPractitioner:Bolatova Aidana

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