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Investigating the resources and processes involved in manufacturing clothes (presentation)
Материал жайлы қысқаша түсінік: This presentation is a didactic material in order to help the teachers work while conducting a lesson. This work consists of a structure of the lesson and some strategies.
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Unit 3B. Discussing fashion (Content with language)
Investigating the resources and processes involved in manufacturing clothes

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Learning objectives

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Warm – up: “pass the orange”
to form a circle to pass an orange around the circle using only chin and neck. If the orange is dropped, it must be returned to the previous player in the circle and the game restarts. Additionally, before passing the orange Ss should answer “would you rather …?” questions.Feedback: a winner group eats their orange and opposite group’s orange too.

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New vocabulary
A fertilizer - is a natural or synthetic, chemical-based substance that is used to enhance plant growth and fertility; A herbicide - is a chemical substance used to control or manipulate undesirable vegetation, especially weeds. Herbicides are extensively used in gardening, farming, and landscape turf management; An insecticide - is a chemical substance that is used to kill insects; A fiber - a leather like material made by compressing layers of paper or cloth;A faded look – is a look having been lost freshness or depth of color;A distressed look - something distressed is a pair of jeans that have been faded and holes have been added for style purposes.  

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“Keep talking” (GW)
each group is given two pictures. In turn, Ss say a sentence describing the picture. One by one, they say more sentences about the picture until nobody can think of any more.Groups swap pictures, and do the activity again.Feedback: T gives round cards with particular amount of marks.

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“Group research essay” (GW)
In groups, Ss identify sources of information for their research. Each student chooses a different source (or more than one source) and finds out as much as they can about their topic.Groups share the results of their research, and decide what information should be in the essay. Each group member writes an essay using the group’s research.

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Научные данные и наблюдения
Начуные данные проще воспринимать, если они представлены в виде таблицы или графика. Создайте график с помощью программы Microsoft Excel и импортируйте его в презентацию.Убедитесь, что всем данным сопутствуют наглядные подписи.

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Напишите резюме, в котором кратко изложены ваше открытие, основанное на результатх эксперимента. Необходимо указать, подтверждают или не подтверждают полученные данные вашу гипотезу и объяснить почему.

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Список использованной литературыы
Включите в презентацию список использованных печатных и электронных изданий в алфавитном порядке.

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