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La Masia Football Academy
Материал жайлы қысқаша түсінік: This presentation is for implementing open lesson for 7th grade students. It consists of the structure of a lesson plan and other teaching strategies.
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Grade 7
Plan of the lesson:Greeting;Warm-up activity;“Picture with questions” activity;Group division;Group work;“Speech with mistakes” activity.Teacher: Yeltuzer Gaziza

2 бет
“Articulate then answer” strategy
“How do people become good at things like football and ballet?”

3 бет
“Picture with questions” activity

What do you think what are they?Have you ever been to the places like in the photos?If you went in for football/ ballet, would you like to go to these places? Why/why not?

4 бет
La Masia Football Academy

5 бет
Sport activities

6 бет
Group division

Boxing “GGG” group

Football “Messi” group
Cycling “Tom Simpson” group

Ballet “Peter Pen” group

7 бет
Group work
Useful languageIt is right to…, because…;it is not right .., because…; to my mind.., I am of the opinion that secondary schools.., from my point of view..; thus…, the reason for that…; I disagree with his/her opinion…etc
“Secondary schools focus too much on academic subjects”
“Is Ballet a sport?”

8 бет
“Speech with mistakes” activity
A short speech;Incorrect statements;List of mistakes.

9 бет
What I knew____________________What I have learnt_________________________What I want to know______________

10 бет
apply the topic-specific vocabulary in formulating their opinions;work in groups and prove their statements.

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