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Ашық сабақ "What is Cultural Heritage"
Материал жайлы қысқаша түсінік: Мәдени мұра туралы ашық сабақ
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The theme: Cultural heritages of Kazakhstan and sites of United Kingdom.The aim: 1.to encourage student’s to make a personal response to the material studied.2.To extend their knowledge about cultural heritages of Kazakhstan and sites of Britain.3.To develop their ability to express,to express their thought logically,also to broaden their outlook.Accessories: a textbook,an active board,posters,pictures.The plan of the lesson.1.Org moment.2.Warm ups.3.Checking the home task.4.Question-answer.5.Presentation of cultural sites of Britain. Tour game.6.Grammar.7.Conclusion.The procedure of the lesson.1.Org moment.Greeting.2.Warm ups.Pupils name types of heritages.Their:cultural,tangible,intangible,natural.Pupils name what do tangible and intangible properties include.Questions to the 1st group;1.What are the 5 most important values of our culture?2.If a group of people just came to your country from overseas what advice would you give them?Question to the 2nd group;1.What in your culture are you most proud about?2.What culture besides your own do you admire?Question to the 3rd group;1.What is the best important thing your culture has given to the world?2.If alient visited your country what might surprise them?Teacher: thanks,answers were given correctly.

3.Checking the home task.The task was to talk about seven Kazakh cultural heritages.They are:Khoja Ahmed Yassayi Mausaleum,Tamgaly Gorge,Altyn Adam,Taikazan,Aisha Bibi Mausaleum,Dombyra,Kultegin Monument.The 1st group say about Khoja Ahmed Yassayi Mausaleum and Tamgaly Gorge.The 2nd group say about Altyn Adam and Taikazan.The 3rd group say about Dombyra and Kultegin.

4.On an interactive board answers are given to the questions according to the texts about Khoja Ahmed Mausaleum,Tamgaly Gorge and Dombyra.Then pupils of each group put questions to each other according to them.5.C ultural sites of the United Kingdom.Teacher:Let’s look at our board.Here are some shows are given for you.London is rich in famous places. Now we will make an excursion about London.The pupils will be guides and tell us about some historical places in London.Dear guests and pupils,let’s imagine that you are sitting in a red double-decker and are going to see the sightseeings of London.The 1st stop is London Bridge.The 2nd stop is Buckingham Palace.The 3rd stop is Trafalgar Square.The 4th stop is Big Ben.

The 5th stop is London Eye.The 6th stop is Stonehenge.Then pupils read and understand the text about Stonehenge given on the textbook on page 178.Stonehenge is Britain’s greatest national icon,symbolizing mystery and power.It’s original purpose is unclear to us,but some people think that it was a temple,others think that it was an astronomical observatory.Stonehenge was built before metal began to be used in Britain.We know from animal bones that the people who constucted Stonehenge had cattle and grew crops,gathered wild plants and hunted wild animals.The question of who built Stonehenge is unanswered even today.Some people see it as a place of magic and mystery,some as a sacred place.Whatever it’s original purpose was,it should be treated it,as a place of honour.

Then, pupils of each group write answers to given questions on posters.The 1st question is:What does Stonehenge symbolize?The 2nd question is:What was it’s original purpose?The 3rd question is:What is Stonehenge for people?Two of each group come up to the board and present answers.

After that,pupils read grammar note about articles.p179.Then do exercises according to articles.Put in a/an,the.1.I enjoyed my holiday.---hotel was very nice.2.Can I ask ---question?Of course.What do you want to ask? 3.She looks very tired.She needs----holiday.4.Where is Mary?She is in ---kitchen.5.Sam is---interesting person.You must meet her.5.Arman is---student.6.My aunt has got two children,---boy and---girl.At the end of the lesson pupils make a conclusion.They write letters to young sisters and brothers about cultural heritages of our country.Then the teacher give marks and home task.

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