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Space and the solar system (presentation)
Материал жайлы қысқаша түсінік: This presentation is designed for open lesson for 7th grade students. This is about the structure of lesson plan and the planets of solar system.
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Term 2. Unit 4. Space and Earth (Content with language)
Space and the solar system

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Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to

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Lesson objectives
All learners will be able to:Speak on a given topic with some mistakes;Read and answer the questions.

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Warm-up activity (“One minute please!” strategy) (IW)
The aim of the game is to talk for one minute on a given subject. T announces the topic and a member of the group is randomly selected to speak for one minute.

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Group division


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Pre-reading stage: a new vocabularyTricky, at least three, weak, size, alone, a crew, a spacecraft, space suits and to breathe. While-reading stage: Jigsaw reading Post-reading stage:- Who was the first man walked on to the Moon?- Who can repair damaged satellites? -Why do astronauts wear space suits?- What is the Kelper’s hope about the space?- Can you name the simplest requirements for a planet to have life?- Do you think that three years are enough to find an Earth-like planet? Why?

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T asks a few questions to conclude a lesson:What do you think; did we reach the aim of the lesson?Can you tell me the most interesting thing that you have learnt today?Can you imagine and compare with the metaphor the knowledge you accepted from this lesson?Think of one thing that you have learnt today and you can utilize in another classroom or in your life.Hometask: Exercises 2 and 4 (a,b,c) in Workbook- English in Mind;

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